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Hi, I am Helena (Helena of Sweden) and I want to extend this very special offer to You to try HELSA Weight Loss and Fitness Program. People from all over the world are using HELSA to lose weight and get fit. Now it’s your turn to finally get the body and health you have always desired.

You don’t have to take our word for it; here are the actual results: Over 9 out of every 10 people that used HELSA over the past year achieved their weight loss, health and fitness goals (90%+ success rate).

Why have other Weight Loss Programs not worked for you? 
Most health and fitness programs available on the market today are focused on the latest fad diet, long and endless boring workouts, requires special expensive equipment and membership plans, and have a one size-fits-all approach. If we all have different bodies and needs, how can this possibly achieve consistent and lasting results? You have probably tried multiple programs over the years and/or tried to figure out the secret to success on your own. It’s not your fault it didn’t work, it’s just not the recipe for success.

What makes HELSA different and the #1 Weight Loss & Fitness Program?!
HELSA is based on years of experience of training world class dancers, athletes and Olympians to perform and achieve at the highest level. Much like individual athletes in respective sports need specific training, nutrition and mental focus/coaching to be successful; you need the same to achieve your goals. Rather than one-size-fits-all HELSA IS SPECIFICALLY TAILORED TO FIT YOU (fitness level, age, sex, experience, body type, diet preferences, etc.).

There is a
for Everyone!

Right now start
for FREE!

For a limited time we are making a very special offer of a 30-day free trial, full access membership to
(Regular Membership: $30/month)

There is a HELSA Program for EVERYONE! 

HELSA Our general HELSA Weight Loss and Fitness Program (read what's included here

HELSA Plus - Coming Jan/Feb 2022 - Our general program optimized for older and senior citizens 55+


HELSA Kids - Coming Spring 2022 - A full super fun program just for children and teens. Fitness games, contests, and more. 


HELSA is an all-inclusive health and fitness program that is tailor made for each individual!
Working out all day for hours is not going to get you fit. Skipping a meal is not going to get your body beach ready. What good is running three miles a day if you don’t like running? How great can the “Kale diet” (or whatever) be if you can’t stand kale? Or perhaps you think you know what would work for you, but you just can’t mentally make yourself do it? Taking this into account; HELSA is designed to match your individual strengths, weaknesses and current fitness level. Are you tired of your diet and/or exercise plan not working? At HELSA we create a comprehensive plan that makes your workout work for you to get the results you desire


Here is what our customers are saying:  

The best part is the different variations of workouts; I can pick what works for my body along with what I actually enjoy doing. My favorites are the Gentle Yoga/Stretch with the Plyometrics classes. I was recovering from an injury when I started. Helena gave me specific exercises and modifications as I went along that built my strength back up. I have felt really empowered throughout all of it! The monthly group chats helps me re-align and motivate myself to keep going! 

~Lauren (23)

I feel like I am making real lifestyle changes instead of just pushing through to a specific goal. I am learning how to live a healthy lifestyle mixing exercise, diet, and my mental strength. I have lost 1lbs consistently each week since joining the program. I truly got met where I was when I started and have improved since. I didn't know what I was doing coming into this as I haven't been much of a workout person before. It is really true that it is a program based on each individual and not an out of the box thing. Best of all, it is actually fun!

~ Sophie (34)


The Plyometrics workouts are great for me. I get to challenge my own body at my own level of strength and have seen tremendous improvement in my body composition. I have lost 10lbs and look sharper in all my clothes! Plus it has been a great distraction "away" from my at-home office. 

~ Brad (37)

"I LOST 53 LBS!" (1 yr) 

I went from a size 18 to a size 6 in one year and I am not finished yet. This has been a life-saver, I was having high cholesterol, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue and back pain. They are all gone as well as the medication I was taking for it!!! I love the community support and positive feedback from others and how the program is individualized to fit everyone's specific needs. Thank you so much.      

~ Jessica (39)

"I LOST 15 LBS!" (3 mos) 

I crave the workouts and how fun it is to modify my recipes to healthy ones for my whole family. Helena has really taught me so much about healthy eating. The Dance Cardio is my favorite - it doesn't even feel like working out! Not only does my body feel stronger and healthier, I lost 15 lbs in 3 months and have kept it off for several months. Not only do I look and feel better in my body, I feel happier overall. 

~ Erin (43)


I have never felt this supported in my life! When I first started HELSA I couldn't walk on my own without a walker. But within 2 weeks of the program my knees stopped hurting and I absolutely love to move my body again. Everything with a rhythm speaks to me so I tend to do the Dance Cardio / Tabata and Walking Aerobics classes the most. I especially love those with an African beat. I am definitely stronger and healthier and have been able to navigate a few health challenges while in the program with so much support from Helena and other members. I have also lost 16 lbs since starting! 

~ Deb (71)

lose weight & get fit!


Different Workout styles and levels to pick from.

5 live classes a week and all access to on-demand workout library.  

Cardio, Dance, Strength Training, Yoga, Flexibility and more.


Learn what to eat, when to eat and how to eat to to get the desired results.


New Recipes weekly! 

No fad diets!

YOGA & flexibility

behavioral modification

Motivation alone doesn't lead you to your goals. Often we have to challenge ourselves to do things we don't want to do. Learn what works for you and how to navigate the pitfalls with mental coaching.


Private Members Only Facebook Group with daily content, including workouts, recipes, articles, Live Q&A's, and more.



follow & join on Instagram for challenges, motivation. Connect with the HELSA community around the world. Post your pictures, share your progress and remember to tag us #HELSAFit


Members have the option to have custom programs and plans created with personal coaching along the way. 
(additional fees applies)


  • FITNESS CLASSES; Live and On-Demand 

  • DIET & NUTRITION; What, When and Why


  • BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATION & Mental Coaching Sessions


  • HAVE FUN & Share it on SOCIAL MEDIA 

  • FLEXIBILITY & Yoga for recovery 

  • PREMIUM Upgrades & Personal Coaching 





8 times Swedish National Champion Dancer & Choreographer

10x Top 20 Rank - World & European Dance Championships 

Weight Loss and Fitness Expert

Trainer of World Class Dancers & Athletes 

Certified Yoga Teacher 

BA Business & Sport Management

At the age of nine Helena took her very first dance classes. At the age of ten she began competing both locally and nationally. Her High School years resulted in three Swedish National Championships along with top finishes in the Scandinavian and European Championships. She also performed professionally as a team dancer for a Pro-Basketball Team and did competition choreography.

Helena enjoyed teaching and training others as much as she enjoyed dancing. She founded, trained, and choreographed her own team of 12-13-year-old that within their first year of competing won the Swedish National Championship title in the junior division. Over the next 5 years the team won three Swedish National Championships in the adult division and represented Sweden in four World Championships (finishing twice as a Semifinalist and once as a Finalist, Top 6 in the World). Helena served as both choreographer and a dancer with the team. She also did choreography for commercials, other competition teams, live shows and charity events.

Over the years and after moving to the United States in her late 20's, Helena fell into the life of a typical adult "too much food and no exercise." She went from her average weight of 150lbs to over 215lbs. Finally she decided it was time to loose the weight and get back to being fit. To help herself, Helena tried one diet and exercise plan after another without any success or lasting results. The "30-day" this or that, detoxes, juicing, aerobics, walking, weight training, that “challenge”, and so on; nothing seemed to work or stick. Then it hit her! She was a former professional dancer having been trained by the best including World Champions and Olympic trainers! What was needed was for her to develop her own program based on the expertise she had accrued over the years. To further expand her skills, Helena became Certified as a Yoga instructor and also worked at a Holistic Health Clinic for five years to gain knowledge in the area of natural healing, nutrition and supplements. 


The results were astounding! Following her custom program, she started to see dramatic results. Weight came off quickly and evenly. Within a year she had lost 53lbs, she felt great vitality, energy, and no sagging skin! She both looked and felt healthy and vibrant. “That’s when I realized I could actually help people lose weight in a natural and healthy way. No fad diets, tricks, empty promises or dangerous supplements. This success can be duplicated for any age and any body type no matter what their starting point or current level of fitness. To further develop her program She enlisted a team of experienced health, fitness, and nutrition professionals. 

The result is HELSA. Finally, a weight loss, health and nutrition program that combines everything needed and works! HELSA is a custom designed program for the individual that includes cardio, strength training, flexibility, nutrition, diet, hydration, behavioral modification, rest and recovery. HELSA is not the usual fitness industry "one-size-fits-all approach”. HELSA is a custom adjustable program that is modified to fit someone’s age, health factors, fitness level and diet/exercise preferences. “Working out, exercise and fitness are best when they are fun!” When combined with proper technique,  nutrition, coaching and positive reinforcement the results are dramatic and lasting. Try HELSA and join people from all over the world to get the body that you have always wanted. 

Welcome to HELSA!

xo Helena

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