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2022 Weight Loss Resolution!

"What did I just promise myself and the world as I shouted Happy New Year with a glass full of champagne in my hands???" you might be asking yourself... It is a week into your new weight loss resolution and things aren't as exciting and hopeful anymore. In fact it seems like such a daunting task... meal planning, exercising, no drinks, no sugar, no bread, and where did all the time go?!!! All of a sudden you feel like the most boring person in the world and it is easier to say no to a night out with friends than saying no to the temptation that awaits at the restaurant.

Hey, I know... I have been there too. Starting your weight loss journey isn't all that sexy. Not sexy at all to be honest. Although feeling good about your own body, that is as sexy as a pair of Red Bottoms! You know it too. You wouldn't want to set a goal of a better body if you didn't think so. Sure there are a myriad of other benefits than just feeling and looking good. General health! Lower blood pressure, less pain, better posture, less medication, and the list goes on. Not sexy but equally as important. And if you were the lucky one to dive into this without prescription and such you are on the right path to keep them away for a much longer period than the average human. Cheers to you!!! That's a glass of water for now ;)

Weight loss is "easy" when you look at the fact of calories in, calories out but as humans we do have emotions, motivations, cravings, ideas, inspiration and all things that make a weight loss journey a little bit more complicated. Things have to fall into a good balance of pushing ourselves and feeling good about what we are doing. This is something I took careful consideration of when creating HELSA. It truly needed to be a program that was adaptable to each individual based on who he/she is at current state.

I like to see HELSA as healing and transformation rather than just a weight loss program. When we physically lose weight we also go through a deep transformation mentally and spiritually. We heal from past experiences and old ideas. If we don't we won't see long lasting results. We can all push through a 30-day this or that but a progress of slowly changing into a new person takes a different approach. Not only do we have to replace our entire closet over time as our body transforms into a leaner version of ourselves we also change habits and the way we think about ourselves and the life we live. What is important to us changes. It comes with the journey. It is definitely not straight forward but it will happen. Think of it as cleaning out the old and welcoming the new! Now; that is exciting and sexy!

But honestly, where do I start?!

How do we get there? From being just at the very beginning to feeling empowered, taking the next step and enjoying the journey? Simply put: TAKE IT ONE STEP AT A TIME!

  • Don't randomly go to the gym 7 days a week the first week searching for something to do.

  • Don't quit eating everything you love over night.

  • Don't quit eating period.

  • Don't buy a workout program designed for people who work out all the time.

Here is what you can do:

  • Identify something you would at least somewhat enjoy for exercising. (Dancing, walking, swimming, bicycling, yoga, aerobics classes, etc.)

  • Make a goal of doing it a certain amount of times a week.

  • Then go and do it!

  • After your first week reflect on how you are feeling about your first week.

  • Click repeat!

HELSA is designed to have something for everyone at all levels, beginners to avid fitness stars. We mix cardio with strength training, yoga and dance to keep the inspiration afloat and our bodies happy. Not one exercise class is like the next one. We are currently offering a 30-day free trial to our all inclusive online membership. Make sure you join to try out all the goodies and learn the best approach for you! We will even help you with your eating plan, get you your own assessment and make sure you succeed with personal coaching along the journey!

Starting a weight loss program on your own is usually hard and confusing. Too much information is out there of what to do and what not to do. A new trend here and a detox there. None to provide the long lasting effect and healing that is the key to getting you the result you ACTUALLY want. I lost 90 lbs doing what HELSA is. I adapted as I moved along and so will you. I replaced my size 16 jeans with my size 0 (yes last summer I got my first size zero - EVER!) None of this happened with a detox, fad diet, juice, or magic pill. It was all pure love for myself and the journey. Sure I cried and missed my Ben & Jerry ice cream from time to time. (If this is the first time you hear from me, get used to the Ben & Jerry story, they were my BFF's back in the day and I refer to them often). It is a new beginning to a new lifestyle. In with the new out with the old! That goes for ALL of it! Mindset, habits, go-to's...

Soon enough you will be that person that works out and eat the HELSA staple: "The Warm Salad" instead of the bag of chips and sandwich for lunch. You will smile at your reflection and feel so good about the new outfit you just got for yourself. That will just become the new you and it will feel natural, not forced like many other approaches out there. HELSA is a new home. A journey of healing and transforming body mind and soul. Welcome!


Helena of Sweden @HelenaOfSweden

Helena Berggren

Follow HELSA on Instagram: @HELSAFitness

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Jan 20, 2022

You are the best!!! You inspire me to do my best with what I have…

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